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The 1st Energy Drink with Wellmune

Mate Mate is the next generation, all-natural energy drink specially formulated to deliver a mental and physical energy boost perfect for those looking to make the most of their wakeful days & longer nights. Mate Mate delivers natural energy for higher brain function in a flavourful and refreshing drink. Enjoy a uniquely delicious and enjoyable beverage that’s legit good for you.


Made from the green Maté leaf that’s a natural source of caffeine and low in sugar, MATE MATE is also the first energy drink in the market to be enriched with Wellmune, a natural, clinically tested and proven ingredient found in foods that promote health and well-being.

Wellmune strengthens and boosts the body’s immune health and promotes higher brain function. The result: You get maximum energy in just three 250ml cans!

Ultimately, MATE MATE is a healthier alternative to coffee or other synthetic energy drinks.

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